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Switching to child's account causes black screen

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I created a second account for my child and got it set up on the headset. The second account is there, ready to go. When I switch to it, I briefly get three dots and then I get a permanent black screen. I've power-cycled a million times. I tried the trick of launching an app from the phone. I factory reset the headset and completely reinitialized it from scratch, adding the child's account a second time. The headset has no system updates to install. I cleared the cache of the Oculus app on the phone and then uninstalled and reinstalled the phone app entirely. None of these steps have made the slightest difference.

The exact same behavior has persisted throughout all these attempts. Children's accounts (or second accounts in general) just simply do not work on Quest 2 as far as I can tell. Why is the feature even offered if it is totally broken?

A related post indicated that the child's Facebook account was banned or something, but my child doesn't have a Facebook account in the first place. Her Quest account is created simply from a gmail address, nothing more.

It's just totally nonfunctional. What on Earth is the solution here? It seems to me that second accounts or child's accounts are utterly broken, at least on Quest 2.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @alyssa_wiley, and thank you for bringing this issue to the community! We know account struggles can be some of the worst to deal with, and when you add in all the extra security and checks in place for our younger users and things can get very complicated very quickly. Please be assured, however, that we are happy to help you with finding a resolution for this! First, the symptom you're describing, does it happen the moment you log into the child account? We're just trying to determine a timeline of exactly where the halting point is in your process so we can get a better idea of why you're experiencing this. If you were seeing an issue with an account with a restriction of some sort on it you would more likely get an error message when trying to log in, and not what you are describing. We'd be interested in looking at the accounts themselves, but we wouldn't want you to post any of that information in a public space, so please send us a private message by selecting our name to get to our profile page, or clicking here. Next, click "Send a Message" and we will be seeing it shortly! Keep in mind, if you're not signed into the community, you can't send private messages. We'll be looking forward to your response!

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