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TWD S&S Retribution possible soft lock?

Level 2

I just need help on figuring out what to do and will I have to restart my playthrough.

So firstly, my game won't let me "Confront Sonny," as his window won't open and I can't progress.

And yes, the message has come before, but I think I know what could be wrong.

What I think happened is that I didn't let Sonny finish talking on the first quest and I went off right when the task started. This meant that the task the priest guy did remained incomplete.

So I went to the Hotel, did the mission, then after went to The Reserve, did that stuff. And I'd like to say there was some issues and I misheard Sonny, I went back and forth to the hotel since I thought the radio station was at Bywater.

Anyway, I haven't received any messages after I've already received the past one.

Is there certain days on which Sonny opens shop? Or does it happen randomly? Please help since I don't want 8 hours or so of my life to be wasted.


Level 2

Did you manage to find a fix? It just happened to me as well. Except I did let him finish during the first conversation and went right away to do the mission, but it glitched regardless. His shop is only open on some days, so when I slept to the next day his shack was closed. Rolling days till he opens seems like the only option cos I don’t have other missions yet. 

I read on Reddit that other people are having the same issue with him on different stages of the playthrough and the only solution so far is to create a new save.