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Teen cannot ask for permission for game

Level 3

My son is trying to reqeust access to Pavlov Shack.


When he finds the game on his app there is no option for him to request for parental permission.

I am linked to his account and I have notifications on.

What do we need to do?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We see your son is trying to get his game on and experience the game Pavlov Shack, but he is having trouble accessing the game, which we understand can be concerning. Don't worry, we've got your back. Let's see what we can do to make this easier on you both.


  1. Could you please do the following for us:
  2. Navigate to the Parental Supervision dashboard in the Oculus mobile app.
  3. You should see new notifications at the top of the dashboard (bell icon).
  4. Tap the notification for the app that has been blocked.
  5. Then, to learn more about the app, tap the three horizontal dots.
  6. Tapping Allow will grant access to the app. If Allow is not selected, the app remains blocked.


That should take care of the problem for you both. If you're still having problems, try signing out of the Oculus mobile app and then logging back in, or submit a bug report by clicking this link.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! That's not what we want to hear from one of our valued customers. We'd love to help you.


Does your guardian have notifications set up on their mobile device?


We have steps to allow an app listed below.


  1. Locate the desired app in the Meta Quest Store.
  2. Tap the price button to try and purchase or download the app. If the app’s content rating is above the teen's age, they will see a message that they can’t use that app right now. They will have the option of sending a request to the parent to allow access to the app.
  3. After the request is sent, a confirmation will appear at the top of the screen confirming that the request has been sent. A notification will also show in VR.
  4. If the parent approves the app access request, the teen account will get a notification letting them know that the request was approved, and they can now purchase or download the app.

To allow access requests


  1. Depending on notification settings, the parent account may get a notification that the teen account has requested access to a blocked app. The notification can be tapped to proceed.
      • If they don’t see a notification on their lock screen, ask them to open their Oculus mobile app and navigate to your parent dashboard in parental supervision.
  2. At the top of the dashboard, they should see any new notifications (bell icon). They can tap the notification for the blocked app, and then tap the three horizontal dots to see details about the app.
      • Tapping Allow will grant access to the app
      • If Allow is not tapped, the app will remain blocked.


Please let us know if you have done this and you are still having issues. 

Level 3

Thanks for the reply.

When my son clicks on the "Get" button, it comes up in a red box at the bottom and says


"if you would like to use this app, send youir parent or guardian a request for access"


However, there isn't a place to initiate that request.





I am confident that the parent app is set up correctly and that notifications are available.

The issue appears that when my son presses the get button he gets the following message.

"If you'd like to use this app, send your parent or guardian a request for access"

However, there is no place to initiate this request.


Same problem, I’m trying to download an M rated game as a 14 year old which shouldn’t even be restricted in the first place and I have contacted support countless times which is hopeless.

Hey again, friend!


Hmmm, that's very strange. Let's dig on into this and see what we can find. This may be an internal bug that's causing your son not to see this. As well, he may have already accidently sent a request. If this happened, any and all parental requests will go to the primary app, under your notifications setting. If the notification is there, then all that is simply needed to either approve or deny the request.


As well, we'll attach some links that can better lend a hand. The first one is about App Access Requests. This will shows proper step by step instructions. We also have a little work around involving the parental control that will  Lock and Allow Apps. The is sort of a manual way around if the request button seems to be bugging out. Oh and we would also love to send a refresher on the Parental Controls. That link simply breaks down all the information and facts about the controls and settings within the parental program.


However, if the above links and troubleshooting within them don't seem to benefit, we may need to dive a little deeper. For that, let's have you get in contact with our awesome main support channel here: Rest assures, you'll be very well taken care of!

Hey there! That is definitely something we want to make sure is working correctly. We understand this can be quite frustrating. We have a handy help article here that may shed some light on this situation. If you need additional assistance, please send us a private message. 

Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

I tried buying bonelabs this morning when it released it my country but it says that it is rated restricted and i cant purchase it at this time. This dosent make sense because I have multiple other games that are rated 15+ and I had no problem buying and using them. Is this a launch issue? Any help is appreciated. 

Level 2

I bought and downloaded bone lab and I try play you can not access the game is restricted 15 plus I think I’m 17 trying to play a game please help!!

Where is the request button, that's the problem I've been having