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Teen cannot ask for permission for game

Level 3

My son is trying to reqeust access to Pavlov Shack.


When he finds the game on his app there is no option for him to request for parental permission.

I am linked to his account and I have notifications on.

What do we need to do?




Level 2

When BoneLab arrived in the Oculus Store I tried to buy it but suddenly a message appeared that I can't buy it because my age is not 18. I could buy 18+ games before the v44 update so why is this happening?


However after that I made a parental account and gifted it

myself but now when I try to play it it says:

This app is rated 18+ so I can't play it.


Then I thought okay then I'm going to allow it using the Parental account but now it says:

You can't allow this app for your Kid on your region.


My Region is Germany and I don't what to do anymore. Also Oculus Support doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about.


I hope somebody can help me out with this.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

I think you need to be a little careful, creating an account using false information (i.e. a parental account) is against the terms and condition of use. I doubt Meta would do anything like a ban, but personally I wouldn't recommend doing that.


If Meta have implemented age restrictions rather than relying on user or parental responsibility, you may be stuck. I'd look at refunding the game. Bear in mind that for every youth wanting to play age restricted games, there are probably a dozen people complaining about Meta not protecting their kids from inappropriate content including lawsuits.


It looks like Bonelab is PEGI 16 in the UK, USK 18 (No Youth) in Germany, ESRB 17+ in the USA, so it seems like you have it quite strict in Germany.

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What I meant with "I made an patent account" is that I made it for my parents because they told me to do it for them

I have the same Problem bro it says tailed no youth and I can even request access 


Contacted support countless times, hopeless. I hope it gets fixed soon 😕

Level 2

Hi for some reason ive been trying to get bonelab and i dont have parental supervision set up and my Dad does not care what i play. So how do i get rid of the parental supervision pop up?

Hi @Crikeybo1! We'd love to assist you with this so please PM us here or reach out to our email and chat teams HERE. We'll see how we can help you with the parental controls feature. Thanks!

Level 2

I never found a fix Till this day it's stupid they tell you how to enable the settings but not how to disable them

Level 3

Apparently it’s up to your country’s laws but I’m in Australia and the law allows me to buy games with these ratings if I’m under 15 so I’m making a legal complaint. Looks like it’s a waiting game at the moment.