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Temp Fix for losing Guardian Issue

Level 4

As you know, the guardian having to be reset is quite the frustrating thing.  It's been an issue probably since the 20's-something version of Oculus Quest 2.  No matter the lighting, etc, I would constantly lose the guardian.  After searching the net I found a solution that works.  Wish I could remember who posted it though.


When you create your guardian, cover one of the lower cameras on the headset.  For me, I cover the lower left camera.  While that is covered, create your guardian.  It's odd at first because you can only see out of one camera.  However, since doing this, I have rarely had a guardian issue.  From what I read, it seems there could be a conflict between the cameras on the headset.


Anyway, hope this helps.


Level 6

Clearing the guardian settings after an update seems to work for me.

I've tried that as well and it never worked for me.  For some reason, covering one camera does the trick.