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Terrible Customer Service

Level 3

I don't typically post issues like this. Usually I leave nice reviews when I feel it's necessary and keep my mouth shut otherwise but this time my patience and politeness has backfired and I've had enough. 


I ordered the Oculus Quest 2 on August 9, 2022 originally thinking that ordering directly from the Meta website was the way to go. I've since learned my lesson. Amazon would never have given me the issues I'm about to describe. 


The Quest 2 set arrived on August 11, two days after the order. I enjoyed it for a blissful 11 days when I then discovered an issue with the right controller's joystick so I contacted Support. They thought I had traditional stick drift which I did not, and I described that it flickered back and forth uncontrollably making it impossible to control movement even in the menu when scrolling. I had taken 2 screenshot videos to document this that they were unable to open for some reason. 

Eventually they decided I should return the right controller ONLY and they would replace it. Bane of my existence. I sent it back and on September 8, I received the confirmation that Meta had received the returned right controller and that in 5 to 7 business days they would process and send me a tracking number for the replacement. 


Ever since then I have emailed back and forth with a rotating cast of people in Support and no one can tell me why I have not received even a tracking number much less the controller itself. It should still be under warranty, I ONLY HAD THE COMPLETE SET FOR 11 DAYS. I can't process a proper traditional return because my set is now "incomplete" with them holding the right controller. I can't even go to my local best buy and purchase a new Quest 2 because I can't guarantee that Meta will refund me. I should have just returned the entire thing when the 30 day return policy was still active. Since I was patient, that backfired and now I may not get a refund OR a replacement controller. This is the last time I am polite and patient with them. 


All Support can tell me is that they are not sure why it hasn't processed and that they will "start an investigation into the delay." Well folks it is now October 20th and I STILL do not have any word back. I don't know why I can't get a simple replacement controller. I want to return the whole thing and be done with it. I should get a full refund since it didn't function as it should practically out of the box. This entire thing is ridiculous. 


So if you do the math I used the Quest 2 for 11 days, and I have been without a functioning right controller now for 2 months and 11 days. 

TLDR: I'm at a standstill because Meta won't send me my replacement right controller, I can't return my set because it is incomplete because Meta has my existing right controller, and I can't purchase a new one because they won't refund me. This is literally the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Don't try being patient with them. Give Meta Support an inch and they take the whole mile. Too bad because the VR itself was fun to use for the short time I could use it properly.


Level 6

Contact Amazon and explain your situation. Don't talk to the support bot, try to talk to a real live person either on the phone or via the chat bot. Chances are, they'll step in for you and either just give you a refund or get you a replacement. Amazon wants to keep you as a customer, so they'll try to help you out here.


Alternatively, you gather up some evidence and file a complaint with your Bank. They'll likely give you a few options, one of which will be to dispute the charge for the headset as fraud. Only do this if you've used up all your options, as both Amazon and Oculus will be breathing down your neck once they see the chargeback, which is why I recommend explaining the situation to Amazon first.


If you REALLY want your money back, assuming you're in the USA you could file a complaint in a small claims court. That's a whole mess in its own right, so I'd recommend speaking to a lawyer if you really want to go down that route. The EU also has its own complete set of Customer Protection laws, so if you're in the EU you should look into that as well.


Good luck!

Level 4

Same experience here. 3 months Meta has had my left controller and still no replacement. Meta customer service is useless. 

Thank you for offering ideas and help! 
Unfortunately I ordered directly from the Meta website not Amazon. If I had ordered from Amazon, I totally agree they want to do right by the customer (sometimes to the detriment of others) and I would have had this issue solved literally months ago. 

As to the bank complaint, yes I have done so. I hope it goes well because I documented everything more out of habit than actually needing to use it for something. I was relieved that I just so happened to have the proper numbers, emails, and pictures I needed. Usually I stick that stuff in a folder and never open it again. 
Honestly I just want this all over with. I want either my controller or my money back so I can go back to using my VR. I was pleasantly surprised to find the headset is exactly what I needed/wanted and this is all such a big complication that kind of makes me not want to use it anymore, which is a shame because it is a good product. 

These were brilliant ideas though and am open to listening to more ideas if you or anyone else comes up with more. This usually doesn't happen to me and I'm appalled at the degree of difficulty they are causing for something that should have been fairly routine. I'm frustrated at myself for trying to be patient and polite in the beginning. Apparently the Karens of the world really do win out in this sort of situation? I don't know anymore. 

EDIT: Oops haha nevermind. I saw your forum post too. I'm sorry for your struggle. Commiserating is fun and all but really we just want our VR to work properly. 😓


Have you taken any further action? Have you found a solution? (I'm legitimately curious, so I can see if I may follow suit. Not trying to be pushy or challenging.)

I filed another BBB complaint. I'm hoping that can get traction to getting a replacement. 

I'm actually scared now looking at your timeline. I thought I had waited forever but you've actually waited an entire month longer than me.


I also got all the standard responses of something along the lines of "we're looking into it," "we're not sure why it's not been processed," "we are starting an investigation into the delay." And when I follow up, they have nothing for me. Like literally if they just showed me a tracking number or some proof that this was actually being "processed," I would feel better than I do now. 

I agree. It's incredibly frustrating. I tried emailing, online chat, calls. I get the same response and they won't connect me to anyone that can actually assist. Their' "Manager doesn't have an email and there is no way for them to directly contact anyone in logistics" according to them. I called them out on the BS and the Online chat person closed the chat on me. Incredibly rude. 

Level 4

Still waiting. In a week it will be 5 months. This is unacceptable. 

Hey @Carona2569. We know you have been working through email for months trying to get a resolution to what should be a routine replacement. If you could please send us a PM with your ticket number(s) that way we can follow up with the agent that has been working on your RMA and see if there's been any additional movement. We're extremely saddened to hear how long this process has taken. 


To send a DM, click on our name and then Send a Message. You must be signed into the community to send a PM. We are looking forward to talking with you soon.