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Terrible return policy

Level 2

Quest two charging port melted returned was sent a reconditioned oculus and this one is also broken makes a really loud electrical crackling noise this is made me extremely worried after the first one melted and if I didn’t catch it in time it could’ve sat on fire 🔥 And now this recondition unit They have sent me is making an electrical crackling sound it does not give me confidence in this product they have offered to send me another reconditioned unit 🤷🏼‍:male_sign: doesn’t recondition mean used or faulty that has been fixed? I did not buy a reconditioned unit I bought a new unit why am I being sent a reconditioned unit? Has anyone else had this issue?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Whenever you're offered a replacement device through Meta Store Support, they always inform you that you may receive a refurbished device. It's in the email they send you before they request that you ship your device back. It's unfortunate that you state you received a faulty device in return, but if you reach out to them again, they will definitely work with you to ensure you get a working device. 

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