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The Worst Customer Service

Level 4

I've had an open service ticket open since October 2021.  No progress has been made on my ticket and I keep getting the same reply from customer service reps Rob and then I got handed off to ArthurA.  I was asked to return everything in the original packaging, which we did.  We got our replacement Quest 2 headset but no controllers.  The controllers have still not been returned or new ones provided in their place.  All I keep receiving is this standard reply, "I have yet to have an update from our logistics department and will reach back to you as soon as I have an update."  My kid hasn't had a Oculus working since October of 2021...horrific experience.  Can anyone help as I am getting no where with Oculus' customer service?


Level 4

Ugh.  The drama continues...We still have no left controller!


This was the reply I got when I asked customer service to manually override the system and send us out the left controller replacement: "It is possible, but I cannot do that from my end because this is something the logistics team are currently working on from their end. seeing that this issue cause a bit of a backlog, it may take a while for them send yours. Not to worry, our engineers are very good and working as quickly as they can to resolve the issue. Once it is fixed, the automated system would kick in again and the process would become faster."


I have been dealing with this since October 2021.  It is January 19th 2022.  Totally sucks that the only response is to wait as "this may take awhile" but "not to worry" because waiting is how the "process would become faster." 😳


Just more of the same from these people.

Still no news from these folks...such a disappointment.


Just got another disappointing update from Oculus...just for context for some new readers to this thread, my issue has been going on since October 2021 and yet I still cant get a left handed controller due to a computer issue on their end and here is what I get in response: "I totally understand that the delay in getting you your left controller has caused a bit of an inconvenience to you, but I want to assure you that we will continue to work as quickly as possible to get you your replacement left controller." 


"A bit of an inconvenience"?  Seriously?  These dudes are so out of touch with what great customer service looks like.  

My son received an Oculus for Christmas, plays that thing every day. Yesterday he dropped it and cracked the ring, he was devastated. I just completed a chat with Oculus and they are unable to provide any information on when they will have more controllers in stock. I was advised to check with retailers, I checked them all. Ebay sellers are selling them for almost 3 times the cost. I am not looking forward to telling him that it could be months before he can play his VR again. I asked if it was going to be days, weeks, months? And they could not give me an answer. The customer service rep was very pleasant, however, to tell your customers "I can't give you that information" when you spent $300+ on their equipment is not a reasonable answer. If this is how this company plans to treat their customers, I will take my business to a different company. 

Level 4

Sorry to hear, Joni.  The latest issue I am now seeing on my end is I am not even getting a reply on email anymore.  I sent one on the 24th that probably went into their blackhole and just replied again asking for an update.  If I ran my business this way, I wouldn't have a single customer left.  It's so bad...maybe someone out there in the Metaverse can help us 🤞

I sent my contoller away 2 weeks ago since it had a fault ive not heard anything originally about whats happening with my replacement 2 days ago i contacted support and asked whats happening and they dont know at all they put me on some high tier email support thing which hasnt done anything havent gotten and a single reply if ive lost my controller i stg im gonna do something bad, also its confusing on the email they said it would take 3-5 business days for my new controller but on the website it says 8-12 business days...

Level 3

Waiting for my left controller replacement from 3 weeks I think...

Then I bought a new one and guess what? I received in TWO days....
So it's not a problem of availability.

I just opened a claim on the Europen Commision platform, I never had to do that before... these people are the worst.

8-12 business days is the total time you should get the controller back once you ship it.
But yeah, same replies I get: apologies, the investigation team, blablabla. Unbelievably awful situation

On the 8th day right now i really hope i do get it next week if not im gonna be sad and pissed off

Level 2

Oh wow now Im terrified I have been trying to get a replacement unit all week. I receive MAYBE one email a day and it's troubleshooting instead of the package information I need for a replacement to be sent. On top of that they want to simply send me a controller... No I need a whole new unit please. I just got this for Christmas. I am so aggravated over the poor customer service. Some one help please!