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Thumb gesture on touch pro buggy

Level 2

I noticed that after waking up the controllers of my quest pro the thumbs are stuck on the AB and XY buttons. Resetting the controllers (pressing the Oculus and Menue button long) helps until the next wake up. Since a reset works I guess it is not hardware related. Is there any fix on the way?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh! This is not the experience we want you to have with us! We were wondering has this happen since you got the Meta Quest Pro? If it just started does it do it all the time or a few times during the day? We want to get more information so we can get you the help you deserve and need. 


We will be patiently waiting for your reply! Once we receive this information we can get a better look at this for you! 

Hi! I guess it is from the beginning and both controller. First I noticed it on the right one. But both controllers are having that problem. So I exclude a hardware defect since it is unlikely both on the same time. A friend of mine notice that too but not as often as I have it. 

On daytime it is more random. Very sure in the evening with artificial light. I also changed frequency in the tracking menue and shut both controller down for half an hour. 

After restarting the controller the thumb is working precisely.

Wow! That's great were glad everything is back to normal! Now you can enjoy your awesome VR device! We appreciate you reaching out regarding your controller experience and glad we can see you back in the VR world. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you ever have any other questions or concerns. You can also click here to get connected with our amazing Meta Store Support in case you need to chat with a agent or schedule a call. 


We appreciate you being part of our VR family!  

Hi! This is not already fixed at all. I have the feeling it gets better, since it doesn't happen so often anymore, but it is still there sometimes.