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Thumbstick on left controller goes insane

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So I have had my VR (Oculus Quest 2) for awhile now and recently I have been experiencing some issues with the Left thumbstick where when I play it just goes everywhere to the point I cant do anything but spin in game and I have tried to calibrate it but it goes so crazy it doesn't even work I have tried numerus times to fix it and had no luck, HELP!


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The thumbstick controller is probably worn or dirty. If that is the case cleaning would provide a temporary fix but the thumbstick will eventually have to be replaced. There are third party kits available for DIY repair. The repair procedure is complicated and requires some special tools, patience and dexterity.

To clean you need a good electrical contact spray made for potentiometers, variable resistors or sliding contacts. These contain a special lubricant to replace the existing lubricant on the control surfaces. Regular cleaners or alcohol will remove the lubricant and without it the control will wear out faster.

Easy cleaning - no assembly but may not be effective - remove the battery - Press the thumbstick down and spray a small amount in the opening and move the stick in all directions. Do not flood the control as the excess will do more harm than good. Let the cleaner dry out for 15-30 minutes before replacing battery and using.

Next Level - remove the battery cover and battery. Pry off the black cover. This is held down with black tape and some friction pins and can be difficult but not impossible to remove. Don't use too much force as you can break the halo ring. Spudger tools or a thin blade may help but I've gotten the covers off with just my fingers. Patience and a lot of grunting is the key. Once the cover is off, the black thumbstick can be removed by pulling it off. Take care not to loose the spring. With the stick off you can better access the control to direct the spray cleaner. Move the control in all directions after spraying and wait 15 or more before pushing the thumbstick back on. You can put the battery back in and test the controller before replacing the black cover.

Going any further in requires a #5 Torx (star) driver, some tweezers and jeweler's screwdrivers.

I recommend this youtube video on taking the controllers apart. Complete disassembly is covers as well as replacing the thumbsticks. This video shows pretty much the correct order on how to take apart the Quest 2 Touch controllers which most of the others don't. You are less likely to break the controllers follow these directions.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @TippyMan8! We can only image how difficult it would be to appreciate the VR world while having drift issues. Not to worry, we'll be happy to step in and assist you in getting this fixed as quickly as possible. We strongly advise you to send us a private message in order for us to be able to continue assisting you.


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i have tried many times to figure out how to send a private message to meta support but i continue to have no luck in finding it please help i don't understand

Click on the name MetaQuestSupport

- a small window opens

- click on "view profile"'ll bring you to their profile page

- here is a big blue button in the upper right corner saying "send a message" 🙂

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