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Top strap holder broke off.

Honored Guest

This morning when I put on my oculus quest 2 the top strap holder thing just broke off. After doing a bit of research I've found multiple people with the same issue. People recommend buying a halo strap for it, but some halo straps have to strap on to the top strap thing too. Will I have to superglue the thing back on or is that a bit risky? What should I do?


Expert Protege

You would think a part designed to get so much stress and tension would be much stronger and have been designed better. Even replaceable.   Saw a link to this for a repair, but kind of expensive. Headset Strap Holder

I wonder if there is, or will be a class action on such a poor and defective design. 

Honored Guest

mine just broke today.  I had some industrial strength velcro, so i cut a piece the width of the strap and placed one side of the velcro on the bottom of strap, and placed the other velcro to the front of the headpiece.  This gives me a quick way to start playin while i contemplate the a long term solution. 

Honored Guest

Mine just broke, too. If there is a class action lawsuit, please reach out to me.

Honored Guest

Mine also broke today, the material is clearly designed to fail. I also have an interest in a class action, please reach out.

Hey there @UcantWin. I understand how important gametime is and how crucial this piece is in achieving it. If you haven't already, I recommend contacting Meta Store Support for assistance and that you do not attempt to glue or tape the item back together.



Kudos, kudos and more kudos!


Been there - just now. The mount point appears to be ABS - so I'm trying a drop of acetone (nail polish remover for those that didn't know). Acetone melts ABS - so hopefully this will fuse the pieces back together. 

Did anyone actually read the license agreement when you started? You gave up your right to class action by agreeing to it. No, really. Go look. 

Howdy! While this idea is pretty innovative, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to other users. The best course of action would be contacting the support team since something like this may cause further issues down the line.

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There's no option for this in the support categories or subcategories. 

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