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Touch Controllers

Level 2

My left Quest 2 controller has taken a light beating and now has faulty tracking. Is there a way to replace or fix this?


Level 4

Hello, some tracking problems can be fixed in various ways, if these don't persistently work than the tracking in the controllers may be damaged. If the controllers don't work when trying to do this then try to use hand tracking 🙂

  1. Change the frequency of the tracking inside the headset UI

Go to Settings -> Device's -> Tracking Frequency

Set this to your regions power frequency e.g UK is 60hz, This is because AC generates a frequency that can interfere with the tracking of a controller

2. Make sure the room is correctly lit

The Quest 2 uses a set of 4 infrared cameras to track the controllers, the cameras cannot 'see' the controllers in a dark space, the same is applicable to areas that are too bright such as in direct sunlight as it can confuse the cameras as the sun produces a lot of infrared light too

3. Ensure the headset is clean

As mentioned above with the camera's they need to be able to 'see' the controller. Use a microfibre cloth and avoid liquids as this can damage lenses. 


If the problem persists than it is more than likely that there is damage to the controller and a replacement can be found at Quest 2 left controller and select left controller in the basket/checkout

(This is a gb link, if you live elsewhere be sure to change the location)