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Touch controllers with Moss

Level 2

I am new )24 hours) to Oculus Quest. I have used it with several games, including Top Golf with Pro Putt. I am having difficulty with Moss, however. I am able to turn the page with the hand controllers glowing, but whenever I press the Oculus button, a panel pops up stating that "No touch controls were detected." I have been unable to determine how to engage the touch controls so that they will be "detected."


Can anyone offer advice or pinpoint what I am doing wrong?





Level 2

I have the same problem.  I'm wondering if it is a setting in the Quest.

Level 2

i have the same issue. any resolution. makes it difficult to take a picture of any problems i have when that message keeps popping up.


Level 3

I am having the same problem as well. Would love to be able to access the menu in this game. My menu button works in all other games that I have tried it on.