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Trouble pairing kids headsets

Level 2

I bought my kids both their own oculus. I bought them at different times so I thought each one had to have their own account. So I made one on my wife’s account and the other on mine. I can’t figure out if I download one game on one headset how can I get it on the other headset. Do I need to do a hard reset on the other account and start over?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Lilnut80! We see you are wanting to know how to get the same games on both headsets, we understand how important being able to have access to the games on both headsets is to your kids gaming experience. As the account admin, you do have ability to set up app sharing on one of your devices. With Meta Quest 2, you can share eligible apps with additional accounts on your selected device. To learn more about app sharing, you may click here.

However, most multiplayer games are not friendly towards multiple headsets playing the same game simultaneously with the same account. Some do allow it like Half+Half and Rec Room. But generally, you can't have one game purchase for two headsets to play together in multiplayer.