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Two Oculus 2, multiple issues

Level 2

First off, anytime, I try to add another user to the account, I enter the code correctly, and it tells me we’re sorry we’re unable to do this. 

I have two headsets, I need to set them up to be able to be used by all four members of my family, depending on who picks up which one. How can I accomplish this?

Also, I have downloaded games that are the same games to each headset, but it will not allow more than one headset to play that game at a time. How do I fix that? My children would like to play games together, and I don’t know how to access those features.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Southerlynn! We see that you are having issues with app sharing and trying to add accounts. No worries, we will make sure to get you pointed in the right direction. With app sharing there are some requirements and limitations. 


  • You can only enable app sharing on one device.
  • You can have an admin account on two devices but they can not be on the same game at the same time. Recommend adding admin to both accounts.
  • A secondary account that is on the app sharing device can play against the admin on the other device. Anyone can use the admin account so you can play each other.
  • You can have all four accounts on both devices but only one will be able to app share. 
  • Secondary accounts can not share to admin account. If you have purchases you want to share, make sure to purchase them on the admin account.


We hope this has helped you better understand app sharing. If you want to learn more, here are some links to give you more information on app sharing


Now we would like to get you over to our support team to help you with your issues with adding accounts. If you go here you will be routed to our support page where you can create a ticket. Just follow the prompts based on your issue, and you will be connected with one of our specialists who will assist you moving forward.