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Two headset Oculus Quest 2 set up not working right

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I bought two headsets for my boys and I thought I set them up using two different Facebook accounts but something isn't working right.


Both headsets seem to be under the one username (because I accidentally changed it), which is annoying for my one son as when he goes into games, it has my other son's username as his name?!?


One is set up as an admin account, but on the other headset I can't set my son's profile as the admin account (hence why I can't cast)


To be honest, I don't get Horizon or what it is supposed to do. In my opinion it just confuses matters.


I just want them both with their own accounts, and their own usernames, not under one name. I can only cast to one headset with the oculus app which causes friction in our household.


How can I change it now so I have two separate accounts and two separate usernames - if they need two separate Horizon accounts then so be it.


When I try to add an account on the app, it wants me to sign in with Instagram but it doesn't recognise my son's facebook details and he doesn't have an IG account per se.


The whole thing is far more confusing than it needs to be. They just want their own accounts and I want to be able to cast both headsets to my phone.


Is that too much to ask????




One angry dad!!


p.s. does Zuckerberg even have kids!?!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Jackamo14. We can definitely understand how this situation would be frustrating for everyone involved and how important it is to get it fixed. We'll do everything that we can to help get this sorted for you! Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Hey @Jackamo14, we wanted to reach out and see if you still needed help, we haven't heard from ya!

If you'd prefer to have help outside of the Community Forums, you're always able to submit a ticket to our Support Team.