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UE4.9.1 has game breaking performance with

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I made this thread at UE4 forums a few weeks ago, I get the feeling it's not being given enough attention by Epic staff so I'm cross posting here. (Apologies for the links embedded in code, the forum's anti spam filter is a little overzealous and won't let me post them as links)

I did some benchmarking which would imply that the issue is with Oculus Runtime rather than the UE4 version - the problem is UE4 0.9.1 and up forces Runtime so there's no way to run a test with all the necessary controls.

Here's another thread where people mention the same issues:

Here's a summary of quotes:

VR preview works, but with framerates down to 50fps from a solid 75 in worst cases, and from a solid 75 to 71-74 in the best case.

Yeah this made things worse for me, too. way more jitter. 😞 i had to put hmd pd at like .5 for it to work...down from .8.

And I am also getting lower framerates with 4.9 in VR.

Yep, I also just recently noticed getting worse performance on UE4.9+Oc0.7.0. I have some scenes that were running fine before but now I have to turn off my one single shadow casting spotlight to get 75fps, when before the upgrade it was running fine. It is a simple scene with just some static meshes and simple shaders. Sames thing happened for some other scenes I had.

But your also right, the performance did take a fairly severe hit. Three projects of varying complexity just won't hit a solid 75 in certain areas anymore, ran more than fine previously.

I'm experiencing the same problem. The same project that on 4.9 and 0.7 had a solid 75 frame rate now with 4.9.1 has judder. I have to use hmd pd of about 0.8 to get it to the same fps as before.

Sizable increase in frame time, not sure if 0.7 runtime or 4.9.1, just posting to raise awareness.

Just wanted to confirm that I've got the same issue. Went from a solid 75fps in 4.8 to horrible judder and 47 - 57fps in 4.9

We've also seen the large VR performance drop with 4.9.1. Our framerates when using the Rift went from a solid 75fps to frequently under 50fps with no other changes other than updating to 4.9.1.

Adding to the people who are experiencing serious slowdown on the UE4.9.1 + Oc0.7.0 combo.

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One question... does it run with good performance, the first time you run it after a reboot? Ever since 0.7, the second time a VR program is run, a mysterious service is started that consumes one of the CPU cores.

This is obviously bad and a blatant bug, but can go unnoticed. It totally ruins the experience on computers with fewer cores or games which rely on a lot of multithreading. I'm just wondering if this is the same bug. I'm not aware of any performance problems with 0.7 the first time it is run after a reboot.

More info:
[0.7] Bad stutter the second time a program is run: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=25914
0.7 BUG: Oculus Service consumes CPU on multiple uses: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=26161
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Thanks for the reply scawen,

I and another poster ruled this out in the UE4 thread. I ran benchmarking after installs and reboots of both and, as well as multiple nvidia drivers and the bad performance was consistent. It's possibly (and hopefully) related to the bug you mentioned, but it seems to be a problem even on first runs after reboot.

Level 2
I'm having huge frame rate issues with ETS2 with the 0.7 runtime.

I'm not sure if its related, but I was running ETS2 pretty much maxed out with constant 75fps with the 0.6 runtime, with 0.7 runtime I get huge framedrops, even with very low settings.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with 0.7 runtime or the ETS2 devs did something with the game.