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USB 3.0 "Connection Required"

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So yesterday I was playing fine with the VR the next day I come up with this problem. "USB 3 Connection Required" It's like the oculus app doesn't even recognize my usb 3.0 being plugged in my desktop and I made sure it's in a 3.0 port. I've plugged in every 3.0 port possible and it still says USB 3 Connection Required. I went into the device manager tried to update my usb 3.0 but it says it's at the latest version, i've tried to uninstall the usb and plug it back in multiple times. My display port works fine and my Rift S says Connected and active when I put on the headset it has 3 dots with the oculus symbol and a black screen with my controllers sitting 1 meter below me. In the device manager it shows that the USB 3.0 from the VR cable works fine. I did everything I can and don't know what to do I need help :disappointed:
It's been a month since I started playing VR.

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Thnks a lot i had the same problem with usb 2 instead of 3, rtanner48 advice fixed it!

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I had this problem yesterday on my Quest 2 with official link cable plugged into my 2080Ti USB C port.  Normally this works perfectly fine and gives me a bandwidth of 2.8Gbps.  Then all of a sudden it seem to think it was USB 2 and was only getting like 300 something Mbps.  To fix this I went into Device Manager set the view to "Devices by Container"  Then find the MTP devices, delete them all from the system.  I then had to unplug my Link cable from the back of my 2080Ti card and headset.  I then plugged back in the Link cable on both ends and it would detect the device again and work in USB 3 mode again.  

I'm wondering since the Link cable is fiber optic it must have some sort of DAC in it at both ends that might randomly get issues and removing the power from it would clear it.  Just a theory.  

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I'm leaning towards taking Rtanner48's advice too right now, I've had my Rift S for 2 months and its spent most of that time not working.
Support have had me do lots of different things - I've spent hours on trying to make it work - and frankly I've had enough.

Level 4
I've been using the same CV1 with 3 sensors since I bought the setup years back and never had an issue until the recent update. I literally pulled my rig apart and reset all the cards, plugs, etc and reinstalled windows but honestly if i install the software and it gives me the same error I'm done trying to have fun but waste time trying to get it to work for real. 

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So a couple more days of trying to sort it, I opted into the beta build, shut down the pc and unplugged all of the sensors and the usb for the hmd and restarted windows.

First I plugged in the HMD usb and reads as 3.0 properly, then I plugged it into a 2.0 and again, read properly with a red dot instead of the orange exclamation point. So, to me the cable is fine. I plugged it back into the 3.0 and then went one by one all of the sensors down the list first 3.0 then to 2.0 and they all read FINE.
I plugged in one, then the second - both - FINE but as soon as I plugged in the third into a 2.0 like it says to do, the top sensor indicator turns to an orange 2.0. I unplugged the third sensor and it went back to 3.0.

ODD, right? So then I plugged the third sensor into a 2.0 and again the top sensor went to 2.0 and the third sensor went to 3.0.

SO in conclusion - either

A.) I'm drawing too much power by adding a third sensor therefore decreasing the power on the PCI Usb Hub


B.) Its just a freakin glitch in the software that when more than two sensors are plugged in - it defaults to a safe mode that makes no sense UNLESS you are using a QUEST.

Since it seems that no one has given me an answer - how about your opinion of which is the culprit of this ridiculous error? A Or B? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Level 5
OK, I'm probably going to jinx this, but try this latest driver if you have an inateck card:

my findings with version 21 of oculus, it reports that you need to update usb driver and would get better performance on usb 2, which is a new warning when using this driver which is interesting, normally it just says usb 2 until you unplug multiple times.....

now I've updated to ptc V23 and wouldn't you believe it, ITS FINALLY FIXED.




usb3 🙂

thank you thank you thank you, I know you sly buggers have slipped this into the ptc as v21 still has issues when rolled back, it's always been the oculus software, frankly I don't care anymore as it works again and I haven't had to climb under the desk to unplug at all so far this week.

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for clarification, I had a brand new cable to try aswell before I tried this driver and ptc and was still having the detection issue, so its not your cables.

Level 15
Another thing that I found that helped me in the past was to shut down my PC, then pull the power plug (or battery connector if a laptop), wait ~30-60 seconds and power up and restart.  I don't know why this worked but it seemed to get rid of a lot of usb issues for me.
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This problem is on Oculus Side for sure. It's been months I have randomly an USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 display in Oculus parameters, and that's continue even if I changed my system few weeks ago (new MB, processor, ddram, etc.). As see below on a same screenshot I just took:
To fix it? I just reboot one or two time without touching the headset; this is not a cable problem.

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same issue here and I've been using this like this for months I have a inateck PCI-e 5 port card it's all plugged into