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Unable To Network Meta Avatars Using Photon

Level 5

I was able to successfully use the ApplyStreamData(bytes []) method locally to transfer body and lipsync tracking data from one avatar to another.  Thererfore I thought it would be simple to repeat this process using Photon as a means to transfer the data to an avatar remotely. For some reason it's not working. I've followed the data being received and passed through ApplyStreamData(bytes []). After that all the right functions within the SDK seem to be getting called and I get no errors. However, the arms and lips of my avatar are still not moving! Has anyone else ran into this problem? For context I'm testing with an Oculus Quest 2 and the UnityEditor. Here is the receiving side of my code for reference:



List<byte[]> m_streamedDataList = new List<byte[]>();

//Tracking Data bytes are recieved here
    public void RecieveStreamData(byte [] bytes)

//Runs through data list every frame applying streamed data
private void Update()
        if (m_streamedDataList.Count > 0)
            if (IsLocal == false)
                byte[] firstBytesInList = m_streamedDataList[0];
                if (firstBytesInList != null)




Level 2

Hi, Have you succeeded implement the Oculus Avatar in Photon? 

I am also facing the same problem using them in my Unity multiplayer game (that is using Photon for multiplayer services)


Thank you