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Unable to Connect my Oculus Quest 2 with my laptop

Level 2

I'm having an issue pairing my Oculus Quest 2 with my laptop either wired or with Air Link.

I connected my Oculus Quest 2 to my laptop with a USB C cable and I do see it as an external device in File Manager (MTP USB Device).

I also agreed to have my laptop to have permission to my Oculus Quest 2.

I also went into my Oculus Quest 2 settings and turned on Air Link in the Experimental Settings.

However, when I attempt to connect with a cable through the Oculus app on my laptop (Link (Cable)) the "spinner" is displayed on the "Connect Your Headset" but it never connects (i.e. the "Continue" button remains greyed out).

If I try to connect with Air Link through the settings of my Oculus Quest 2, my laptop is displayed and the "Pair" button is selectable.

However, when I select the "Pair" button it changes to the "Launch" button but is greyed out. My laptop status never changes from "Not Connected".

I've researched online and this should be a simple procedure but it doesn't work for me.

Is there anything I've missed? Any assistance from the community would be appreciated.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, we know how frustrating this can be. Please go ahead and first check the Oculus link compatibility. After checking if your computer is compatible please go ahead and try these troubleshooting steps. If the problem still persist  please go ahead and contact Oculus