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Unable to add Payment Method

Level 2

I am a Taiwanese, and I have submitted a support ticket on the official website for almost a month, but I still can't solve my problem of not being able to add a payment method. I submitted a credit card and other items that cannot be added. Re-submit the support ticket and reply to me immediately. Each time, the reply is the following way. The point is that I have tried all of them, and I have attached a screenshot of the inability to increase the payment. Does OCULUS just want to deal with it?

Clear cache/cookies.
Reinstall the Oculus app.
Try using another network.
restart the phone
Check that the password is entered correctly.
Please make sure your other information is correct; eg; phone number, email address, full name, password.
Please try logging in again and then buy your favorite games.

Try adding a payment method from another device entirely. (i.e. another computer, phone or tablet.)
Try adding a payment method from virtual reality using a headset.
Try adding a payment method while connected to another network. (Another Wi-Fi network or a cellular data connection on the phone, if available).
Some non-residential networks can cause this problem. (i.e. commercial, public, government, military, etc.).
Even on a residential network, certain network security settings can cause this problem (eg, antivirus, firewall, proxy, router-specific settings).