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Unable to add a payment method

Level 2

I have tried almost everything :


Tried an international credit card in india,

tried a virtual international credit card,

have also tried a US based credit card.


Can't seem to add anything


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We can certainly understand the frustration, but we're here to help! Click here for some things you can do to get you back up and running in the Oculus Store. If you need additional help, feel free to send us a PM or click here to submit a Support ticket. However, at the time being India is not one of our supported countries. If you click here you will see a list of our supported countries. We are constantly working on expanding to other countries so please check back for updates. Thank you!

Hey Faisal! Just checking back in with you to see if you are still needing help with setting up a payment option. Please feel free to reach back to us when ever you get the chance.