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Unable to download or install a bunch of GearVR games




I have been trying to download all my games over the past few months, just to make sure I have access to everything I have purchased, and I found a ton of games that won't download or install any more.  I've tried on multiple networks and on a couple different phones and the following titles simply won't download and install.  I know this is not a phone issue (there is plenty of space, a factory reset changes nothing).  All of the following titles download partially and then simply fail.  I realize that there was a similar topic in December of last year and we were assured that the problem was being worked on and should be fixed by now, but this isn't the case.  Please assist.


(Some of these titles are free, some are paid, none of them fully download or install)


0110 Run
405 Road Rage
Angels and Demigods
Anshar Wars 2
Augmented Empire
Bandit Six Salvo
Battle for Avengers Tower
bear island
box shooter vr
caldera defense
carmel developer preview
cat flight
cathotel vr
cosmos warfare
cube racer
cube run vr
dark days
deepak chopra finding your true self
doritos vr battle
earth origin
element engine
evil robot traffic jam demo
faceted flight canyon runner
feast vr
free flighter
galaxy golf
gamers generations
go shrink yourself
gun sight
happy place
hello captain
herobound: gladiators
herobound: spirit champions
herobound: first steps
icarus 76
intracranial infiltration 3d
john terry football academy
marvel avengers: tony stark's lab
micro machines vr racing
monzo vr
mr cats adventure
mysteries of china the forbidden city
neos: the unverse
nighttime terror
oculus arcade
one-man vurger
perfect moon vr edition
perfect wings
play with me
polarity ball
prime bird
pyramids roller coaster
rock and rails
samsung space battle
schwein mmu
schwein mmu demo
Shironeko VR Project
shooting showdown 2
siege zero vr
sketchfab vr
sky fighter: training day
slice and dice
son of the sea
space marine boot camp
stadel time machine
star coaster vr
starfighter arduxim demo
suicide squad: special ops vr
swords in space
temple run vr
that dragon, cancer: I'm sorry guys, it's not good
the bronze
the missed spaceflight
the nightlight
the raven
tiny island relax
turkey hunt
unity chan candy rock star live stage
unitychan flyer
vr wizards
wave magic battle
zombie rush coaster
zombie strike


well the one that are cross-compatible with gear vr/go are usually the same download link - im talking about the broken one - i lost quite a bit of paid apps/games cos of this but managed find them on google luckily so im good now all purchases restored ...

Honored Guest

Same here, but with DLCs. I bought "Birds" DLC for Face Your Fears late July and has dissapeared (with the rest of DLCs)... I couldn't even try it... 

Not worth the headache man. I sat there arguing with them for 2 weeks because there app is bad. They just push it to samsung knowing samsung can not help you. Tbh it's a cash grab for meta. Meta intentionally sabotaged the servers and app to force you to buy there new 500 dollar garbage.

Honored Guest

I've just bought Augmented Empire for my Gear VR and I couldn't install it. Man, if the app is not working anymore, why the let people buy it ? why is it still on sale ? I can't understand

Thats exactly my issue. If you cant buy it it shouldnt be advertised - simple.

So someone marked this as a "solution" and, as has been mentioned a few times in this thread and others, it is *not* a solution.  This is *not* Samsung's issue, unless they were hosting the software downloads on their servers (which they are not, I am 100% certain, after looking at the URLS) or if they were coding the application (which they are not, as it's Oculus/Meta branded, requires Meta logins, uses Facebook, etc.)  Essentially all this "solution" does is put the blame on Samsung for problems that are 100% on the Meta end.  If you have decided to not fix these issues, just be honest with us, have an official representative come out and say "we're not fixing this, you're not going to be able to download and install the software you paid for, and that's final" and we'll go from there.  Otherwise, someone on the META/OCULUS end needs to take a look at the OCULUS servers and figure out why downloads are cut off partially finished, or why the OCULUS software isn't working correctly.  Again, whoever marked this as a "solution" is incorrect, period.

Dont bother with them. Even tho meta bought oculus and they own it and control it they will tell you its Samsung's problem. Meta has basically shut down everything to do with oculus to force you to buy there overpriced garbage. They overwrote all my oculus data when they transferred my account to meta. Now I can not log in to the app and all my purchases have magically been deleted but that's a "samsung problem not an oculus problem". Pro tip go to reddit and sub to the gearvr subreddit. They have a repository where you can download the apps and you just have to use an icon creator to post the app to your apps list. Then you open the app itself and plug in your phone. It's basically the only backdoor that works now to use gear vr after meta sabotaged it.

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Agree with you, that is not a solution. Meta is the problem so they have to give a solution, not Samsung

Hey @mayestera! It appears that you may be having some issues with a GearVR device and certain titles not installing. We definitely understand how immersion breaking that can be and we'd love to point you in the right direction! You can reach out to their Support page or start a chat for further assistance. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Meta Quest device. We are always happy to help! 

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!


Having same issue on my Oculus go. They need to pull their finger out. Oculus is a shambles at the moment. Releasing an app that stops pairing after reset and unable to download games we've purchased and they are still selling.

CLEARLY an issue with THEIR servers. My god, that's just embarrassing blaming Samsung for downloading issues that everyone is having on multiple devices.


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