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Unable to follow people or message them.

Honored Guest

I've been getting incredibly stressed lately as people I previously followed and that followed me back were not showing up in mutuals. When I search up their names [The problem consists of 3 people], I can only view their profile and am unable to message nor follow them.


There is absolutely no reason why this should be the case as we followed each other. I have confirmed that at least one person does have their fb linked as do I so that shouldn't be the problem. Meta seems to have absolutely no information related to a case like this so I hope not to get directed anywhere and just receive a decent solution if there is one.



Retired Support

Hey @Kensudo, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues accessing some of the social features in VR.

Let me ask you a few questions and maybe we can pin point the issue.


  • Have you migrated your Facebook account into a Meta account?
  • Have you or your friends recently changed your profiles from Public to Private? (or vice-versa)
  • Are you able to send them an Invite to Party? Can they send you an invite?
  • Are you or your friends still able to send Chat Messages?
  • Can you or your friends see each others Activity or Active Status?
  • Have you checked your blocked profiles? 

            In the headset: Oculus button > Quick Settings > Settings > Privacy > List of users under Blocked Users.


Please let me know what you were able to find out.  This way we can know if it's a system issue or an account issue.


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  It is 100% a system problem with the amount of people I've seen having this same problem including myself. I cannot follow back my friend nor can they follow me even though we were previously following eachother. This happened after the update to transfer to a meta account. I cannot follow them even after blocking and unblocking. We can't party or play certain games together. Neither of us have the other blocked and both have public profiles. This needs to be fixed quickly. This issue persisting is deeply upsetting to anyone affected.


My husband and I are having the same issue trying to add out son. I am only logged in with a meta account, my son instagram, and my husband Facebook. I was able to add him, and were friends. But, my son and husband cannot add one another which is EXTREMELY frustrating. 

Hey there @kalmarvan89, we see your family is having issues with following each other. We understand how frustrating this can be, but no worries, we're here to assist you all that we can. We do notice that @Tonberry_Qing has listed some pretty useful information above this thread that can help us identify a potential factor in this issue. Can your husband and son please go through them and let us know how it goes? 


After we collect those details and no changes has occur, we can move on to more further with this issue. Hope to hear from you soon!

we had tried those things. I can see all my husbands and sons information, we can chat, party, all that. Same with my son. My husband and son cannot chat, cannot see one another’s activity or anything of that sort. My husband tried removing his Facebook and adding our son after that, and it didn’t work. I can bring them both to a party, and they can voice chat within that. But, between them they’re unable to do anything ‘friendly’…

I am also having the same issue. What do I need to do to resolve?

Hey there @Whyte-Lite, having issues with the follow button is no fun. We can understand how inconvenient this is. Let's see what we can do for you! If you have done some things to try to resolve this issue, can you please list them for us please? In the meantime, have you also tried the troubleshooting steps provided by @Tonberry_Qing in a older reply? We recommend you trying those steps to see if any changes occur. 


If the issue is still persisting even after all of those steps, please submit a support ticket at Meta Store Support as they have the tools to assist you more on this matter. You can choose between a live chat, email, or a call-back to get the assistance you need. Hope this information was helpful and you get this issue resolved soon!

I’m having the same issue been like that for a couple months now I’m thinking of returning the headset cause I can add my kids and I’ve already tried everything including going through my Facebook settings it’s extremely frustrating and all we get is the same response but no fix two of my kids has meta accounts 1 is linked from Instagram 1 of the meta account ones I can follow and party with but the other two can follow other strangers but me nope not their own father which is extremely frustrating it should not be this complicated to get resolved 

Hey RioMynd! We see that you are having issue with friend and follow requests. We understand how important it is to share your experiences with your friends and family and we would like to work with you to look into this more. if you could please reach out our support team they will be able to go over all your options. You can go here to be routed to our support page. Just follow the prompts based on your issues and you will be connected to one of our specialists. We hope to hear from you soon.