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Unable to install Gear VR - no download button

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Hello there. Is Gear VR completely dead? Tried to install software at my s7 edge, but there's simply no "Download" button. Is there something I can do with it?fP6q1fE8unk.jpg


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I saw this thread gaining some traction. Since 03/18/2024, all Gear VR devices have stopped receiving any further updates or allowing app installations and will stay as is. Emails should have been sent out 01/18/2024. Although Gear VR is no longer being supported, the support team is still here to help you with any other VR-related issues you may be facing. 

I am going to lock this thread since it's fairly old, but I suggest taking a look at some of the solutions others may have provided in this thread to see if any work for you. Thank you for your understanding!

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Something similar happened to me last year after a factory reset on my Note 8. I can't remember how I managed to bypass it but it was useless anyway because the install got stuck and refused to complete successfully, so I ended up looking online for every service I needed to install for the full oculus environment to work, then I searched for the right versions of the corresponding apps to work on my exynos CPU, then ended up sideloading and installing them manually. Be aware, tho': many of your legally owned games and apps won't download and/or install on your phone because they were updated for more current phones and/or Oculus Go, breaking compatibility with older hardware in the process, and regardless of that the Oculus servers somehow insist stubbornly on trying to download and install THAT latest version on your phone although it's incompatible, so in those cases were your phone has more than enough free memory but the apps won't download or install you'll have to try and find working versions of older apks for them elsewhere. It sucks, but it is what it is. 

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Does gear VR compatible with Galaxy 21

Hey there, that's such a great question! You can find out if your device is compatible on our support site, which we will link to here: 

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Short answer: That should not be happening. 

Sure Gear VR has been deprecated and most frameworks have stopped working, but it should still download and work properly with headsets.


There is a solution. If you have a Note 4, then this solution will not work on your device because Note 4 can no longer support Gear VR Service and has been deprecated.

Solution 1: Go to Settings < Apps < Gear VR SetupWizard < Storage then press the "Clear Cache" button. After that, press the "Clear Data" button. Connect a 2016 or higher Gear VR headset, hear for the call to remove your device and boot to Setup Wizard, and see if the problem has been resolved.

If not, try Solution 2. Go to Settings < Apps < Gear VR Service then clear both cache and data. Connect a 2016 or higher Gear VR headset, hear for the call to remove your device and boot to Setup Wizard, and see if the problem has been resolved. 

As Gear VR is constantly running into more errors by Oculus and Samsung's slow deprecation of Gear VR services, some older devices like ones released before 2016 and before the S6 may not run Gear VR correctly. I am speaking as of me writing this, so if you are reading this in the future, be aware that Gear VR may run into more issues in the future that may not have a solution. 

WARNING: All things related to Gear VR have or may be deprecated, and Oculus and Samsung have completely dropped support for Gear VR. You may no longer contact them about Gear VR, and no updates will be made, so don't don't expect patches. The Gear VR App Store, some apps, the Gear VR Home, the Library section of the Gear VR app, the Setup Wizard, and any Gear VR services are the only remaining functioning services. Many services and Gear VR's relation to working Oculus services have been deprecated, and future support for Gear VR has been left in the past. The only route for Gear VR is downwards.


You may still use several experiences in Gear VR, and you can pay and play many games, including multiplayer ones. The community of Gear VR is actually staying strong on the parts that still work. I still play many games on Gear VR myself, and it actually works really well. I hope you enjoy the time you have left in Gear VR.


Have fun!


Hi, look carrefuly throughout of Samsung Gear VR. problems and users from all over the world report diferet problems and search in vain for a possible sollution. Samsung has discontinued officialy the suport for their devices since 2020, and nobody care about it.Due to  this situation, a lot of users try to sell their "dead" Samsung Gear VR as soon as posibile, because there are junk pices, good ONLY for museums shelves.This is the true reality and there are a lot of inocent victims ho pay an inutile plastic equipment only with SAMSUNG brand.I hope this fact will throw Samsung in disgrace. Oculus application is also a great problem and they try to hide it when users ask for their suport. ar least they do not have the currage to say the true: " SAMSUNG GEAR VR is already a "pice of history past", and ready to go in museums".

In the real world this behaviour is commonly named "fraud"

All I'm doing is watching old vr videos and photos. You guy make it so I have to connect and stay logged in and update. Which is not required. The thing automatically tells me to download. If I had blocked your stupid update I could veiw these with no issues. I will never buy your stupid bs crap that can't function without a connection to the hive mind. Thank you so much for being callous. I should be able to connect a headset to an old phone and veiw stuff that worked perfectly before. FYI Your link doesn't work. Think smarter.

Howdy everyone! We'd be more than happy to assist you with your Gear VR issues. We know the true joy of being able to jump into the VR world whenever you wish. We'd like to gather a bit of information from you to get the ball rolling on this! Would you mind sending us a PM so we can take a deeper dive into this issue?


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here! Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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Hello everyone! We're just dropping back by, if you still need help with your Gear VR, give us a shout! We'd be delighted to help!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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