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Unable to make purchases

Level 2
I just bought a Quest 2 and have been trying to set up a payment method so that I can purchase games, but I am unable to. I keep getting a message saying that "Something went wrong and we were unable to add this payment method. Please try again." I have tried five different credit cards from three different banks as well as my PayPal account. I have also deleted the app, reinstalled it, restarted my phone, changed my Wi-Fi signal to cellular data only, tried 4 different browsers, and still have not been able to set up a payment method. I started a support ticket (6142543) and got a reply telling me to:
If you have tried all of the troubleshooting mentioned above and have checked that the list of potential causes does not apply to you, then please provide the following information from your Oculus account so we can research this further:
Full name as it appears on your Oculus account
Current alias/username as it appears on your Oculus account
Email address linked to the account
Last four digits of your credit card or PayPal email address on your Oculus account
Title of a recent digital purchase on the Oculus Store
Copy of a digital purchase receipt from a purchase made on the account
Do let us know the update after you have tried the suggestion given above. Once we review the issue more thoroughly, we will get back to you with further troubleshooting or options available to you.
Looking forward to your reply!
Siti Nur Ain Binti Salih
I did all of what was asked and then got the same exact reply with the same instructions. Is there a number that I can call or someone that I can chat with that has a real solution?