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Unable to purchase anything with PayPal

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Hi there, today I was trying to buy Zero Caliber: reloaded, and it gives me this message; “Your PayPal payment could not be completed. Please update your PayPal information or try using a credit card. If you continue to experience this problem, please contact paypal.” I already contacted PayPal and they said my information is correct, but oculus won’t allow me to finish the transaction. I have re-entered all my information and credit card information, and I have also tried purchasing on the oculus desktop app, on the quest itself, and on my iPhone. It would be nice if this issue were fixed, since it keeps happening to more people than just me.


I contacted them a few hours ago. They asked me for some personal information. I will do that and see what will happen.

Have you solved this problem?


i had to sent my s/n from my meta quest ,to tec suport team .last monday.

i have a case number too.

they stil not reply me,whit a solution .its sooo weard.i hsd my quest for 3 weeks..i,m busy 3 weaks for help.i anser al there idea,s i had to wait wait.

Hello there, @1solots! We've just come across your private message and want you to know that we'll be responding to you as quickly as we can. We appreciate you reaching out to us!

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Hi, I encountered the same issue and had also sent some emails to Meta Store Support, but I haven't got replies from them in days.


i think they are busy to answer and helping a lot of customers.

i wait also long time, but you have to reply sometimes so they won't forget you and i think you are not the only one, more have the same issue.

Hello there, @YY_nb! We want you to know that we are actively addressing all the tickets and working diligently to respond to everyone as quickly as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated, and we are truly grateful to have you as a valued member of Meta! If you haven't already, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via private message. To do so, simply select our name to access our profile page or click here. From there, click on "Send a Message" to communicate with us privately. Just a friendly reminder, make sure you are signed in to the community before sending a private message. We eagerly await your message and look forward to assisting you!

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they respawn for you.

My problem was suddenly solved. Yesterday I tried to use PayPal to pay again and this time it worked. It is very strange.

that's great.

mine, still won't work.

maybe because we live in europe holland.