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Unable to purchase anything with PayPal

Level 2

Hi there, today I was trying to buy Zero Caliber: reloaded, and it gives me this message; “Your PayPal payment could not be completed. Please update your PayPal information or try using a credit card. If you continue to experience this problem, please contact paypal.” I already contacted PayPal and they said my information is correct, but oculus won’t allow me to finish the transaction. I have re-entered all my information and credit card information, and I have also tried purchasing on the oculus desktop app, on the quest itself, and on my iPhone. It would be nice if this issue were fixed, since it keeps happening to more people than just me.


Level 2

I am having exactly the same issue??? Help please. This was a birthday present for my son and he can’t buy any games!! Not such a happy little boy now 😥😥

Heya BobStar35. not being able to purchase any games on your headset can take away from the actual VR experience! We are sadden to hear about you and your son having issues with this.

There's a thread that you can check out, it has a couple of troubleshooting steps for this same problem. You can use this link to find it. If those steps don't seem to do the trick, we'd like for to create a ticket on our Support Website.

We don't have the required tools to assist with these type of issues here on the forum. One of our specialists will be happy to help out and go over your next steps!