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Unable to update oculus quest 2 headset

Level 2

I've not used my oculus in a while and have made sure that it hasn't been damaged at all. When coming back to my quest 2 nothing was loading which lead me to realise that it wasn't up to date. When going to the settings it says that my quest 2 is up to date. Somehow over the period of time i didn't use my quest 2 I got logged out of my oculus acc on my quest 2, so tried to log back in but i can't do that beacuse when I try to link them it get a message saying that i need to update my oculus. I am completl stuck and have no idea what to do.


Level 2

I fell dumb but I have already found a soulutiuon. 


All i did was:

1. completly turn off my oculus

2. hold down the power and volume up button 

3 select reboot system


I heard that factory reseting can work aswell but i would recommend rebooting the system first cuase factory resting will lose all user data on that oculus.