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Unity project not showing up on Oculus Rift

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We are trying to run a Unity project on the Oculus Rift S, but whenever we  run the application, nothing shows up on the headset. What could be the problem?


We will now describe our setup in detail.



The headset seems to be well connected, the main menu shows up, both controllers are working and the room configuration works too. When trying a demo from the menu, this also works. The headset shows a white light.


Unity project

In general, we followed this guide for the setup: 


New Project -> 3D (version 2021.3.1f1  LTS)

Then, once the project is loaded we go to Edit > Project settings > XR Plugin Management and install that. 

After which we select "Oculus" from the list of Plug-in providers.


We proceed with the Oculus integration installation from the Asset store. We import the latest version (44.0).

A bunch of popups show up. 

-update oculus utilities plugin       [Yes]

-OpenXR backend                         [use OpenXR] [ok]

-Restart Unity                                [restart]

-Interaction SDK                           [show assets (recommended)]  [Clean Up (Recommended) ]   [Clean up Package]

-update Spatializer plugins           [Upgrade]

-Restart Unity                                [restart]


Setting the Scene

1. We navigate to Oculus > VR > Prefabs and drag OVRCameraRig into the scene. The "Main Camera" we then remove.

2. We click the OVRCameraRig object and change the OVR Manager (Script) to the right by changing "Tracking Origin Type" to "Floor level"

3. We rightclick in the hierarchy and create a 3D object "plane". We place this plane underneath the camera.


We have now created one of the most basic setups and would like to try it on the headset.

We press the Run button. Both Scene and Game show the plane in Unity, but nothing shows up on the headset.

Unity gives some warnings, but no errors:




These are the packages that we used:


Does someone have an idea what could be the cause, and if you try to replicate our steps do you get the same result?


Hope to hear from you!







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