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Unity "Wait for Managed Debugger" Broken on Quest

Level 3
We haven't been able to get this option to work properly on Quest. The app will just show a black screen (presumably waiting for a debugger) but even after attaching the debugger through Visual Studio, it doesn't continue the app process. So it just hangs. Confirmed on both IL2CPP and Mono backends. 

For most systems this option causes a popup on the Android device that must be accepted. I would assume this pop up isn't showing properly and causes Unity to get in a weird state.

Level 6
Same issue here. Would love to see this fixed.

Level 2

Same here. Any update on it?

Level 3

also ran into this problem, any update?

The feature actually works, but it is hidden.

Instead of an OS notification informing you that the device is waiting for you to attach a debugger, there is an ADB log that reads:

"[Wait for debugger to attach] Also use Volume Up or Down button to confirm..."
So when you receive that log, you can attach you managed debugger as usual. When it is attached, use any of the Volume buttons on the device to have the app start.

That's super useful, thanks!

Should be added to the documentation both on Oculus and Unitys side imho 😉