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Update so I Basically locked out of my quest 2

Level 2

So I basically found out I am locked out of my quest because I bought the headset second (from OfferUp) and bought the controllers (from meta). The headset works I can technically pair but can’t because it hasn’t been updated and it can’t update unless it’s connected to Wi-Fi so the headset and the controllers can’t pair, which basically locks me out. And I already used all the methods multiple times and it hasn’t worked. I literally can’t get pass the tutorial phase where you take out the battery tags and use the pairing code because of it. And at this point I just want a refund on the controllers at the barest of minimums, Or just ship the headset and controllers to get fixed, and if that doesn’t work just send me a new one or just give me the refund me my 105$ on the controllers and throwout the headset.


Level 2

This is a known issue with their newest update. Endless loop. Pair headset with phone... update headset...

Essentially the answer I got after weeks of troubleshooting is "This is a know issue our engineers are diligently working on. It "should hopefully" be addressed in the next app update."

Through rolling out their app update, they've essentially made it that any headsets not running the latest update (ones that have been factory reset) are expensive paper weights at the moment. I also haven't appreciated how vague the tech support folks have been throughout the process. Likely because quite frankly... they DON'T know if/when the problem will be fixed and WHEN the next update will roll out. 

SIDENOTE: I've confirmed the only way to update the software on the headset if through wifi on the headset it self... so if you can't get past the pair controller screen... that's your hard stop. On this note, I've read that you might be able to find the newest update on some reddit thread and you can force/sideload the update... but that seems risky to me... so I've opted to wait and complain where I can so this get's attention from Meta. 🙂