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Upgrade devices

Level 2

If I change or upgrade devices, can I still access apps that I have already purchased?


Retired Support

Hey @ytee12960! Thinking about upgrading? You can access your applications if they are cross-buy. It depends on the device you already have and the device you want. Here is a link on which apps are cross buy and here's a link that will explain cross-buying.

Kudos, kudos and more kudos!

Level 2

I'm have issues the with the right controller while playing Golf+.  Wondered if I purchased a replacement Quest 2 system, would I have access to the programs that I have already purchased?

Hey there, @ytee12960! You wouldn't lose any of your purchases since they're all tied to your account, not the headset itself. If you decide to purchase a new controller or new headset, as long as you login to your account again you'll still have everything. We hope this helps clear up any possible confusion, enjoy the rest of your weekend!