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Use this code to connect your headset

Level 3

Use this code to connect your headset: 

once I go to\device on my mobile phone and then enter the correct code, it looks like the code has been excepted and then it quickly prompts an error code which says, an error occurred, please try again. This happens over and over and there is no end to it. It causes me to not be able to use my oculus quest 2. This has only happened since the new meta-update. So the past month I have been unable to use it.


Level 2

Whatever you do, DO NOT factory reset your quest, at the moment those who factory reset their quest are unable to pair with the mobile app and you will have even less functionality then you do now. Some seem to be able to fix this by sideloading the latest update, however this is not a guarenteed fix and did not work for me. (At the moment my quest is acting as a paperweight on my desk)

Level 3

Isn’t there any way of actually speaking with somebody in their contact support? I have left appointments for them to call me back but no one has yet.

 I got on the support chat. Initially, they try to have an app assist you via messaging asking what the problem is with prompts.  I just messaged back- I want to talk to somebody.   The chat app then asked for certain info like your account email, etc. and then added me to a queue to message with an employee. It wasn't a long wait.  My problem was complicated so the employee eventually called me after messaging back and forth for a while.  I don't know if this helps,  but this is how I was able to talk to somebody in the flesh. Good luck!

Level 2

I am constantly getting same issue. Did you get a resolution? 

The app on my phone had been deleted so the headset did t have anything to connect to. I was using the web instead of the app.