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User enters Horizon Workrooms not as a physical avatar but through video

Level 2

We have been experimenting with the Meta Quest 2 at work and exploring the Workrooms features as a team without much incident all last week, but today I had two separate users bump into the same issue in two different instances.

Instead of entering the conference room as a physical avatar that sits on a chair next to the remaining team members, both users showed up to the meeting as if they were joining through video. They were not physically sitting in the room, but we could see their avatars on video in the conference room, with no one else there. 

I also noticed VC Workrooms Bridge connected in both instances, which I had never seem before but suspect has something to do with the weird setup. Anyone know how to disable this or return things to normal? I have been checking online and have struggled to any find mention of it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @maritecm! We can definitely understand your concerns regarding a couple users seeming to enter the conference room in a way that seems more like a video call rather than VR, and we'd love to help out! It sounds like this is happening on PC, so please reach out to us through our Support Site so we can get a better look at the issue and see what we can do to help!