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Using Link cable with Quest 2 still require wifi connection?

Level 2

Hi, I uses the Quest 2 with Link cable connection to run my applications, and when trying to set this up in a new location, the Quest 2 will ask me to pair my device again using a code which means I have to connect to wifi on both the headset and my phone (for the Oculus mobile app). But why is internet access required when we are only running (offline) applications from the laptop? I am using the same laptop and the same headset, so the Oculus desktop app already 'knows' about the headset.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out today with your concern about why internet is required when running offline. That's an excellent question we'll be happy to answer!


Yes you can use your Meta Quest 2 offline without an internet connection. However, this is assuming you've completed the initial headset setup and pre-downloaded games or movies suitable for offline use.


Are you sure you have a good connection in your new location? Can you move the router as well? 


Please let us know!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Hope all is well. We're just checking in to see if you still needed our assistance. Please do let us know!

Hi - thanks for the reply. That was my assumption as well. I have set up the Quest 2 at home and were able to run my application (a custom offline app) successfully. However, last week I tried to show the app to someone in a meeting in a new place, I have had to connect to wifi and run through the whole set up process again which was a bit unexpected. If the Quest 2 + Link cable does work in an offline environment, I will try again and report back if the issue occurs again. Thanks.

Sounds like a plan! We hope everything goes smoothly for you. Have a great day.