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V32 Sys Update Files not update to sync

Level 3

As in the subject, my Quest 2 has updated to V32, but the Files app is not showing any cloud icon to sync with my phone. Is the app going to be updated later, or is this a problem with the update itself?


Level 4

yes they are pretty useless is almost more upsetting that, instead of telling users that they do not know what the issue is, they keep throwing at us pointless tasks

Thanks for letting us know,  I was saving that as a last resort option but it's good to know that even factory resetting and deleting all my data won't work. Saves me a ton with that knowledge,  so thank you for that update.

Level 2

So it's been over a month and I have since updated to v33 .whatever and still have no cloud icon. Has anyone confirmed this is a rolling update? Like they didn't have it and got it outside of a normal update? 

I did not find a Files app to download, to replace the one that does not want to update. Could some provide us with that file, so we can try to side load the app ourselves?

Level 3

ffinally after I don´t know how many ticket with no concrete answeer. trying reseting  countless times and giving up. I just got the option of the cloud. I guess it comes... when it comes.

Level 3

I just got my Cloud today after 1.5 months, one open TA ticket, a factory reset, and a couple of posts here. This is what I did differently, maybe it helped. I left my headset on overnight for about a week in my living room next to my router. I had heard before you must leave it on overnight when a new update comes out, but I like to shut down my devices. Maybe that helped, have you tried this?

Level 4

Nice info. Thanks for the update. I still have no cloud but will try this @Reenz_11 : so just leave it plugged in stand by mode overnight or for a couple of days where you surely have good wifi connection?

Worth a shot. Thanks! 

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(Re-posting due to an error -- apologies if this appears twice.)


I finally got the cloud icon, and it says files are syncing ("14 days left").  The problem is, they don't appear on my phone.  (I checked the "Devices" tab in the Oculus app, and everywhere else I could think of.)

Level 3

Finally got the cloud symbol as well. Seemed to be a good week for that. 

Level 3

Believe it or not - turned on my Quest 2 today and the friggin cloud symbol has disappeared again