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V43 camera settings failed

so v43 came out and with that i thought that i could start to record and up load videos for my channel until i ran into a problem. i play the walking dead saints and sinners which is a very detailed game and with that i decided to try and record a video using the quest 2 camera settings and i ended up getting smooth recording but at the cost of laggy gameplay. keep in mind i have been having this issue since i got my quest 2. i tried contacting quest support 4 times and i got no responds at all. i want smooth gameplay and smooth recording kinda a balanced mixture of both i already know meta isn't gonna respond so if anyone knows a solution please let me know.


Retired Support

Hey @ExtravitorVaporwave, is it a device hardware limitation you're encountering? 

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Could be I've had this problem since I got my quest 2 any solutions?

Hello there! We see you mentioned having some issues with the camera and recording, don't worry, we've got your back, let's see what we can do to get you all taken care of as soon as possible. Could you please try the steps listed here and here and let us know how they went? If you are still having problems, we can look into other options for you.

I tried  Capture ring from my phone but that just made the recording more laggy  There has to be other options I can use

Thank you for informing us that you are still experiencing difficulties with this issue. Let's try a factory reset on the device. Just a reminder that factory resetting the device will erase all data on it, so please ensure that cloud backup is enabled before factory resetting the device. More information on cloud backup can be found here.

Tried it and am still having laggy results 

Thanks for trying that. Could you PM us here or click HERE so our email and chat teams can help you look into other options? Thanks so much!