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V47-V54 firmware had unpin to universal menu. Option Dissapear.


On first Update of the firmware V47, I had the option of Unpin some apps from the universal menu and replace them with the apps I used more frequently. Few Day later, after I restarted my Quest 2 Headset, the universal menu return to its default state, and the option to pin and unpin apps from my library (on the three dots of each app) is no longer available nor show.

My question is:

Is this feature being removed in an recent update of the V47 firmware? Or is my Quest 2 experienced a bug?

Don't wanna reset my device to findout, its a removed feature.



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! Please go ahead and submit a bug report as well regarding this experience. Once we get information about this I will let you know. Seems my headset does not have that option either. 

We are all mad here.


Ok... a light at the end of the tunnel.

After a minor update on V54 (Version  to the pin and Unpin option have show on my quest 2 (After multiple updates from v47). But it does not work as expected: 

The 3 (4 with camera) first icons ( Explorer Store and Friend) do not work as expected. When fresh start the device they do not have the options to be pin or unpin from the universal menu (UM). After running a full app (not a windowed app) like wolvic, or any game, I quit and have the option to remove these 3 apps by draging the out side the  UM and clean the bar. Now I can pin or unpin any app that I want and organize my menu the way I want 😀........ Until ...😪 I reboot or start a full app and quit. Then, the universal menu remove the way I organized my apps and goes back to the default icons. (Explorer, Store, Friend) Strange enuogh, camera does not shows this problem.


I hope V55 fix this issues, but at least the pin and unpin options are there now for me... not yet funtional, but there they are.

I will keep posting any change. Happy Questing

Thank you for letting us know! If I find any news about this I will let you know! 

We are all mad here.

Heroic Explorer

This feature rolled into my v54 Quest 2 after rolling in and out of v47. I experienced similar problems but after restarting the HMD several times the behavior appears to have stabilized. However, unlike in v47 I can only unpin "Camera" from the UM. Thus I can only pin up to two apps whereas in v47 I could pin up to 4 by unpinnig three of the default Meta apps.

Upon booting up my Quest 2 yesterday (still on v54) I noticed the pin feature was suddenly in the menu, so I can now pin and unpin apps, only took around 6 months. Better late than never I guess!

Awesome! Thank you for letting us know! I had checked my device and I had this feature as well. I think this just might be a bug on some devices. 

We are all mad here.

Imagining being two years and still not fixed. Meta is focusing more on the marketing than in the functionality.


Latest version on Quest 2, same issue no matter what.


Last post and closing. Update on v66. A long time ago on v5X the pin to universal menu is working but with a different approach as I was expecting... you can only pin 2 apps on universal menu. by default the horizon feed, the store and the people icon will always be stuck to you universal menu and can not be remove (quite I disappointment cause I do not use this apps as often as others) So, in summary you can only pin 2 apps. The other icon you can have are 4 most used apps which are replace every time you star a new and different app. And finally you menu icon in the far right which is always there. That is it.

Hope this clear thing out. Closing Topic.

Moving to an other topic where apps can not be hidden in your device, and according to v66 this is possible. Anyway, Im going of topic.

Thx all.

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