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VR Chat Error "Oculus platform error during user proof check timeout during fetching DSAT"


VRChat for some reason keeps giving me that error and it won't load after that. I can't even press the "Okay" button. Is this an issue that many people are experiencing, or is it just me? The error then proceeds by saying that I need to use a PC and a cable to play VRChat with quest link. I've done that and I can play it, but the point is that I want to play VRChat without my PC so I can play anywhere, and this error keeps blocking me from doing that. Is there a fix to this issue? if so how? (I've tried reinstalling, using my phone hotspot, restarting the device)

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Hey vrchat creaters this same thing happened to me so I waited the next day and it worked I don't know if will work for other people but it works for me


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 I have the same problem. At first I thought it was a mistake on the VRChat side and wrote messages on their forum. But it turned out that this was most likely a mistake on the Meta side. 

 У меня такая же проблема. Сначала я думала, что это ошибка на стороне VRchat и писала сообщения у них на форуме. Но оказалось, что это ошибка скорее всего на стороне Meta. 

(Как решить проблему так и не нашла)

(I still haven't found a way to solve the problem) 1000019878.jpg

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I had the same problem and it was fixed when I changed my boundary from stationary to room scale 

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I FINALLY FOUND A SOLUTION THAT WORKED FOR MY AND MY FRIEND! HOLD THE POWER BUTTON AND VOLUME BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME FOR ABOUT FIFTEEN SECONDS UNTILL YOU SEE THE ANDROID ICON, THEN REPEAT THE SAME PROCESS UNTILL YOU ARE BACK ON META WITH YOUR GAMES. (Beware I am not on PC, Had airlink turned off before this, turned on the cloud backup thing, and tried disconnecting my wi-fi and reconnecting. If that helps you please tell oculus so they can tell other people NOT TO FACTORY RESET THEIR HEADSET!!!!!!!!)

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Literally !! I've done all the things given to me but nothings worked. If anything it's just made my headset worse 😕 can't even use it for more than 10 minutes before it gives out on me. I can't do the PC solutions because I don't have a PC

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i have the same issue but i don't use PC at all. i don't have one. The only solution says you need a PC. any suggests? i cant access any other part of the game.


I play VRChat on oculus quest two without a pc, but recently a error happened. it says " Oculus platform error during user proof check: Timeout during fetching DSAT" im not sure what it means nor how to fix it. i know other people have had this issue. My home world is not a PC only and up until yesterday everything was fine. Please help if you have a non-PC solution.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Has anyone been able to get in contact with VR chat? I had this same issue but one day to another it left. 

We are all mad here.

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it does the same too me 


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I've done everything the internet has told me to fix VRChat and when it loads, it says there's an error. Oculus platform error during user proof check timeout during fetching DSAT. I have tried uninstalling, installing again, hard reboot, restarting the oculus to using just the link to the library. I have turned off wifi and turned it back on. Disconnected completely and added it back. I'm really frustrated at this point. This thing is not even a month old and I'm having issues with games. Not to mention, charging sucks and I don't even 2 hours out this headset. How do I fix this problem?!

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