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VR for education

Level 2
My question is a bit different here. I'm an educator who would like to introduce VR to college students. Oculus will be mainly used to view 3D architectural models built in Revit and other CAD software. Looking at the minimum PC requirements, they sound like a gaming PC. Can we still use a normal PC classroom that students use now for class? I don't think it is financially feasible to buy a gaming PC just for that.
(I'm a very starter and never owned HMD, be patient with me :D)

Hi, the idea is definitely cool, but difficult it is to really answer, because the question of financing in a pandemic is really very strict and tough, and even more so for many schoolchildren and students across the country there are not even minimal educational opportunities. I want to help the education or self-education of individuals on my own, I often study the various problem on a global scale and recommend that you read more about the problem of ocean pollution, the question is not difficult and understandable, is described by an expert. I am sure that this post will help you think a little about this problem and make a minimal impact on your own. And technologies will come from time to time, sooner or later, this is the future.

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It's been over a year since your question and I'm curious to know if you started using VR in college? If so, what is the reaction of the students?

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It's interesting enough. We have not had this technology applied to us. Perhaps it is only possible in modern colleges. It's a pity that I have already graduated and am going to university. I hired personal statement writers to prepare for university because I don't want to take any chances. In my opinion only experienced people can write a high-quality personal statement.