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Very Disappointed!!

Level 3

I purchased my Meta Quest 2 in April. In June I had to send it back due to a hardware issue with the screen. In August, I had to send back the refurbished one that was my replacement due to the fact that it was stuck in a constant download and would not reset or move on from that. Yesterday, I received another refurbished headset and had to send it back because it would not pair up with the controllers. Speaking of the controllers, when I opened the box initially, one of those wasn't working and had to be replaced. 


My concern is that I buy brand new and get refurbished replacements. The website states that the refurbished are as good as new. I would disagree with that assessment. Otherwise, I would not have had to send them back. Albeit, the new one had issues, the refurbished ones had issues, I guess they are the same. 


I'm wondering where to go from here. The original headset was bought as a gift I earned through work. Are there refunds for the headset and the accessories I purchased? What about the monthly subscription I purchased and cannot use? 


Thanks for listening to my rant.