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Very poor performance with good hardware and meta quest 3

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Hi i’m facing a problem with my VRPC setup. I really wanted to play american truck sim, but when i’m playing by using oculus app and steam VR im getting very low fps (usually locked at 36). Im getting 72 fps with minimal Game graphic setting and resolytion 640x400 or something like that. Obviously thats not playable at all. Even when my settings are maxed out my resolution looks like 800x600 and fps really drops down. I’m playing on Lenovo Legion 5 with 135Watt tgp rtx 3060 and ryzen 7 5800H with 16gb of ddr4 RAM memory. I Don’t Think thats bad even tho itd a laptop. I tried usb 3, wireless link is even worse and not playable at all (i have 1Gb/s optic internet). I cant find any solutons. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @b_hpl! We understand how excited you are to enjoy those fun games and apps, and we're here to help you as best we can! We want to ask a few questions to get a better understanding:


  • Have you updated your GPU drivers?
  • Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the game? the Oculus app?
  • Were you able to play any other games using Quest Link?


If you haven't tried these steps, give them a try! Also, check out the requirements to use Quest link and double check if your PC is compatible! 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again! Did you still need assistance with the performance of your Quest 3? We're here to help! 

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Yes. I checked all of the things. It did not work

Hi @b_hpl  As Support pointed out - it is very important that the laptop is connected to your router via ethernet and you are in the same room!  Laptop must be plugged in too.

Start a game using Air Link, open your task manager (in Windows 10, right click the taskbar bottom of your screen, choose Task Manager).

Go to the performance tab and check your GPU (the NVIDIA one) is being used - should be well over 40% if a game is running.

Is there another GPU listed - internal?  That shouldn't be high - if it is, that's probably your issue.

"The laptop offers a MUX, but no Advanced Optimus. This means you can opt for a Hybrid mode that enables Optimus (in the Vantage control app or in the BIOS ), which actively switches between the Vega and Nvidia chips, or disable the Hybrid mode and only keep the Nvidia dGPU active, which directly links the dGPU to the internal display and enables GSync in the settings. Switching between the two modes requires a restart."

Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Thank you for getting back to us, @b_hpl. We also advise to attempt your link connection to your Quest 3 while having your laptop hardwired in via Ethernet cable. Definitely give those troubleshooting steps a try. Also, keep in mind that the more you raise the display options, like with your refresh rate, it can impact the performance of the Link.  Here are also some recommendations for the preferred graphic settings to try out as well: Performance preferences. Let us know if this helps! 

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