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Virtual Audio Device Missing


Really like the concept of Horizon Workrooms but I can't get my Macbook's audio in my Quest 3 headset.  Other people who've had the Workrooms agent on their Mac cause problems have pointed at the virtual audio driver.   If I go to Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL I find a file called OculusRemoteDesktopASP.driver and it appears as just a file.   On the other hand in that same folder I find an ImmersedAudio.driver and a VirtualDesktopSpeakers.driver and they are both folders with additional files underneath.  Even when I'm not using Immersed or Virtual Desktop those appear as options for Mac audio for output.   The Oculus Remote Desktop has never appeared as an output option.   I've tried using the uninstall option on the Meta Quest (Oculus) Remote Desktop menu and reinstalling the agent but I find the same result.   I'm on version of the Meta Quest Remote Desktop agent on my MacBook Pro 2020 Intel processor running Mac OS Ventura 13.6.5 and Quest 3 on V64.

It appears the Virtual Audio driver file that is installed should really be a package/folder with files underneath it and it's not.  So the virtual audio driver isn't there in the Mac OS to select.   

I've heard that Meta is redoing Workrooms - getting rid of the whiteboard and such - so hopefully this will get fixed as part of that.   


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Mopac01. Thank you for reaching out. We value your feedback and suggestions on how to improve our products and VR experience. Therefore, we suggest visiting our Ideas Forum, where you can add to an existing thread or create your own, providing our engineering team with ways you would like to see us improve your overall VR experience. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. You can also check out this public article here pertaining to using your computer in VR in Meta Horizon Workrooms. We appreciate you and your time.

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Great non answer to the question.  Thanks for nothing.


For anyone else stumbling across this topic in future.   The Remote Desktop Server update on Mac to (which looks almost like what I'd said in the first post except the 4th dot number from the left has gone from 1 to 5) seems to have solved the audio problem.   I now have a new device appearing in the Mac's sound output options - "Meta Quest Remote Desktop Audio".   And I now have the Mac's audio on my Quest 3.   One thing to note is that the "Meta Quest Remote Desktop Audio" device gets selected automagically when the Horizon Workrooms app on the Q3 connects to the Mac desktop agent.   In fact, when the Q3 app is not connected I don't see the "Meta Quest Remote Desktop Audio" device listed on the Mac audio output options at all.   Additionally, the volume slider on this device when selected on the Mac does nothing except moving all the way to the left will shut off the volume on the Q3 device entirely.   But every other position on the slider has zero effect on the Quest 3 audio.  Your only ability to regulate it is with the Q3 volume rocker on the underside of the headset.   Overall a huge improvement in usability.   Now if they'd just give me better control over the placement of my virtual monitor(s) and the ability to blank my actual physical monitor once I connect so those around me can't see my screen I'd be a very happy camper.

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