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Visual bug

Level 2

Hi I need help. So I have been playing blade and sorcery through airline on my pc with my quest2. It has been working great but I just got on ro find that in my right eye on the quest it like mushes everything it is realy annoying and it makes it very hard to play can anyone help



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Cmac831! We definitely understand how concerning it is when running into display issues like this, and we'd love to help! Is this happening only when using air link, or does this happen when using the headset as a standalone device as well? We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you! 

Only when using air link I have two games on air link so tomorrow IL try the other one to see if it's just blade and sorcery or air link itself.

Hey @Cmac831! Thanks for providing us with that update. Feel free to reply back on this thread once you've given that a try, we'll keep an eye out for your response! 

Given what atry you didn't give me a solution


Hey @Cmac831, our apologies for misunderstanding, we were waiting for you to test that other game.  Did you already have a chance to test the other game like you had mentioned in your reply to us? 

I reply to the rong post go down

Oh I'm sorry to after I sent it I realized what you ment. And no I have not gotten the opportunity to test the other game around 5 or 6 IL be able to and afterwards IL get back to you as soon as I can.

No problem at all @Cmac831! We'll wait for your reply! 

So I tried the other game it ran fine no visual problems it's just blade and sorcery.