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Walkabout Mini Golf issue with club

Level 4

Hubby and I just played a game together.  His club glitches, twitches, jumps around often when he is trying to putt.  Something is wrong.  He said it did this the other day also.  He holds his club handle perfectly still, not moving, and I can see the end of his club twitching which obviously messes up his putt!  What is happening and how do we fix this?  You can't play golf with a club that is making tiny movements back and forth and sideways.  Twice his ball was hit accidentally and he didn't do it, then we noticed his club hopping around.  Also the club sometimes doesn't respond with his wrist motion when he does move his hands, it doesn't do what it should.  This must be corrected or his headset can't play minigolf.  My club has no issues.  Please help.


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Level 4

I have found that this most often happens during the day when there are bright reflections in the room coming from the sun.  Shiny table, shiny sewing machine, who knows but that seems to be the cause.  The round portion of the hand control must also be clear where the sensor is, and can't be covered up by a thumb, hair, or clothing.  I rarely have an issue now unless it is sunny out and our room is full of windows, so reflections happen and it becomes impossible to play, actually.  We love this game!!!!!!  We LOVE 20,000 Leagues and Labyrinth.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Libby! Thanks for commenting! It's unfortunate to hear about your issue. We take problems like this very seriously, and we want to help you resolves this issue asap, so that you and your husband can get back to golfing! 


To start, you may want to try unpairing, then repairing your controllers. If this doesn't work, you can try restarting your device. And if all else fails, you can try a factory reset. Instructions for all of this and more can be found here:


Please let us know if any of these solutions work for you. If not, we can continue to troubleshoot. We hope to see you in VR again soon!


I am having a similar issue, and only in Walkabout Mini Golf... both controllers have mostly full batteries, switching the active hand does seem to make it better for a short time but I hit the ball by turning my head not moving my arm... the hand will "lock" in space and I can only pivot it. Have not been getting error in any other game or the menu.

Hey erikward19! You make some great points. If the issue is only with Walkabout Mini Golf, it's more than likely an issue that the developers would be best suited to help you with. It may also be an issue with the encoding of the game, that the developers need to be made aware of, in the event the problem becomes more common among players.


The 2 main options we can suggest are a fresh install of the game, and/or a factory reset. A factory reset will wipe the headset back to its default settings, and you will need to setup the headset once more—much like when you take the headset out of the box for the first time. Any content purchased on the account will be available for download after setting up and signing in again; naturally, this includes Walkabout Mini Golf as well.


Data is also removed when factory resetting the headset, so you should enable the Cloud Backup feature if you haven't already. On your headset, navigate to Settings > System > Backup > Toggle Cloud Backup on. This will backup your game data to the Oculus Cloud once you plug your charger into the headset from the wall. Do not plug into the Elite Strap battery pack, as this will not backup your game data.


If you still need more assistance with Walkabout Mini Golf, you can contact the developers through their social channels: Website, Discord Server, Reddit Community

Level 3

I experience this as well - it's awful. Phantom ball hits, club disappearing and wildly spinning. It means I'm badly handicapped in my game as my husbands doesn't do this. It's unsettling instead of fun to play. I can't recommend this game.

Level 4

Gosh, that glitching putter trouble was a long time ago, I think we unpaired and repaired his controllers.  We seldom have issues, they are very few and far between.  This game is the BEST GAME on Earth!  We HIGHLY recommend Walkabout Mini Golf to anyone, everywhere.  It is all we ever want to play, never gets old, love the new courses as they come along.  This is a fantastic and healthy addiction to have.


This excited me but sadly did not work. I unpaired and repaired and thereafter had the worst glitchy incident ever. I adore the game when it works - but this makes it a no go.

That is so sad.  Did you write to Mighty Coconut to tell them about this and ask what to do?  There is a lot of info on this resources page at their web site.  

I did the repairing again but followed it with a shutdown and restart and so far after 3 games, I've had no glitches. Fingers crossed. 

Hey @elle.moore! Thanks for that update. We appreciate it! 


Game on!