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Waltz of The Wizard wont open (new update broken?)

Level 2

I just installed the October 25th update for Waltz of the Wizard, excited to play with the new features and such, I attempted to open the game, and I can't get past the loading screen - the game just crashes and closes on its own. 

I tried restarting my headset, and it still wouldn't open. I tried reinstalling the game, and it still wouldn't open. None of my other games are having this issue, so I assume something with the update is just completely incompatible with my device? Perhaps it thinks my quest 2 can do the AR feature like the quest pro? Whatever it is, I'm unable to play an incredible game and I'd like to have this issue fixed so I can get back to casting spells.


Level 2

Hi and thank you for the kind words! 


Can you please check if you're on the latest firmware on your Quest 2? (Settings > System > Software Update)