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Warranty Problems

Does anyone have any experience of Oculus warranty for the Rift S. Had issues with weird line appearing, so was agreed to replace under warranty. Oculus have had my device for 7 weeks with, repeated emails to support offering no time line for replacement or refund just apologies, and blaming supply chain and then a "technical problem" resulting in delays. Anyone any experience of recent warranty issues l don't believe 7 weeks and counting is normal for warranty replacements. 

Any advice welcome.


Warranty replacements are of the areas where Meta support is particularly catastrophic, and they are pretty bad in most areas. Even people with current headsets can wait ages for a replacement. I don't believe they have the "refurbished" stock available to meet demands and they seem to refuse to replace with new kit.


i'm surprised you were even offered a warranty replacement on a Rift S though. It's been out of production for a couple of years or more so I would have imagined that any warranty would have expired by now. I suspect it was an error on the part of support and now your broken headset is stuck in limbo with no spares to replace it with. Sorry.


Is there any sort of consumers rights organisation in your country you can all on?

It had a 2 year warranty which ran until Jan 2023. I can’t find out what is an acceptable time to allow for replacement/refund. Obviously next step is a refund if they can’t replace.

Hi there @Richard.lavery.5! We appreciate you reaching our regarding your RMA and would be more than happy to get you the help you need and deserve! Please go ahead and provide us with your RMA number through our PM's so we can get you an update regarding your replacement. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

I bet it's being handled by the "specialist team"

Ahh brilliant a third excuse!!!

First one was a technical issue with the rma, which got “stuck” in the system.

Second excuse was supply chain issues

now the best yet, third excuse. The time of year!

This is ureal.

“Special Teams” is an understatment

Omg this company is horrible !! I bought 2 systems in June 2022. One of my kids headset is going out. I've contacted support via email. I was told we need this, I took pictures and sent them. Everytime I send something they want via email, I get another rep asking for something else. As of today, I keep on getting the run around. I'm going to file a charge back on my credit card and filing a BBB report.