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Level 2

Hello, I still see that I have a warranty. If I have a warranty can I get a new right controller. Since my other 1 is damaged? Someone please help thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @kovelsreal, thanks for reaching out to us! We understand how inconvenient it is for your controller not to be working properly when trying to play a game. No worries though, as we're here to help!

Would you mind going into detail as to what's wrong with your controller? Is it physically damaged, or are you having software and connectivity issues?

If it's software related, then we suggest attempting the following troubleshooting protocols to see if it resolves the issues you're experiencing:

  • Remove the battery from the controller for at least 30 seconds.
  • Wiping down the controller with a dry microfiber cloth (If dirty or experiencing stick drift).
  • Unpair and re-pair your controllers:

If it's hardware issues and the device is physically damaged, we recommend opening a support ticket on our official channels here.

Get back to us at your earliest convenience to let us know if any changes occurred, as we'd be more than glad to continue assisting you. Cheers!