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Weird jitter in the home enviroment.


I am using Quest 2 and today I had Noticed that whe i am trying to move the menu arround in my Home enivroment there is some weird jitter. and im not sure what to make of it.
its important to note that the jitter is not always there,
I made some epxpirmament in attempt to determinds what producing this and here is what I found:

  1. the jitter only happen in when im inside the home enviroment. but not when im using passthrough,
  2. It changes depends on the Physical enviroment i am sitting in
  3. the jitter and changes depends on the virtual Home enviroment im using.
  4. it does not happen inside apps.
  5. the jittering stopped after turnning off the wifi and restarting the device
  6. the jittering returned when i tried to video record.

I took some video recording to show the problem:

passthrough On

Passtrough Off

My physical Enviroment:

Also I Noticed that even when the jitter is not there the movment is not exactly smooth.
is there something wrong with my Headset?


Update: I tried to reset my device in order to see if it will make a difference. It didnt....
however i noticed that no metter were i physicaly sit or what Home enviroment im using the jittering conistantly appear whenever i the menu is being dragged in the direction of the mirror (the one shows you your avatar)

the Jitter again does not appear in other apps or games. so i guess its a software issue.

With that said there is still the world bumpiness whenever i move things arround with my hand
so im asking again, is this normal or is there something wrong with my device?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey, @Molotov! I heard back from our engineering teams, and it looks like they weren't able to recreate the jittering that you mentioned in your videos, and they haven't gotten reports of other users experiencing this. They recommend reaching out to support to review possible warranty options for your headset. You can either follow this link so you can email them, or you can send a private message to @MetaQuestSupport and they can get you in touch with them. Hope this info helps!

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